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CIG Vienna- Christliche International Church


Rob Prokop is the lead pastor and founder of CIG (Christian International Church). Rob and his wife Mary are from New Jersey/New York, USA and have been happily married since 1981.
Rob holds a Masters in Biblical Studies. He leads the church with a leadership team and his areas of responsibility are mainly preaching and worship.
Mary holds a Bible College degree in Biblical Literature. She leads the young adult group with her team and she is pastorally active.
Rob & Mary’s vision is to create a compassionate environment in which people can experience the love of God and develop into who God created them to be—to realise their full potential and purpose.


We are an international, bi-lingual church. We desire to journey with Jesus and believe that church helps us to do just that. We believe that God is a communicator and desires to speak to us in our daily life, through the Bible and His Spirit, for example. That is why our sermons are inspiring and Bible-based. They are practical and relevant to every day life.
Our worship is modern and free. The services are held in English and German. If you are interested in finding out how faith can have a positive effect on your life, come and get to know us. Everyone is welcome.

Come as you are!

Rob & Mary Prokop