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„Freie Christengemeinde-Pfingstgemeinde (Free Church-Pentecostal Church)
CHRISTLICHE INTERNATIONALE GEMEINDE WIEN –  (Christian International Church Vienna)
Internationaler Zweigverband FCGÖ“ (International Branch of the FCGÖ)
(short: „Christliche Internationale Gemeinde (CIG))“. (Christian International Church (CIG))

1100 Vienna, Leebgasse 34
Austria / Europe

CIG is a local church within the association FCG of the confederation of churches “Freie Christengemeinde-Pfingstgemeinde” (FCGÖ) and according to the official certificate of the office for cultural affairs (Kultusamt) of the Federal Chancellery of the Austrian government dated 23/06/2014, GZ BKA-KA6.400/0011, in the context of the confederation of churches FCGÖ an independent corporate body under public law within the church “Freikirchen in Österreich” (Free Churches in Austria) (FKÖ), which was awarded state recognition according to the enactment of the Federal Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture dated 26/08/2013, BGBl. II Nr.250/2013 in terms of Art. 15 of the constitution dated 21/12/1867, RGBl. Nr. 142.

Name: Christliche Internationale Gemeinde
Addresse: Leegbasse 34, A-1100 Vienna

Website editing: CIG Office