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CIG Mission Support

It is a joy to receive reports from people on the mission field, where they update us on what’s happening in their part of the world, and how our support is helping them to fulfill their God-given mission. Ten percent of what CIG receives in donations goes out to support these missionaries. 

Please pray for them and sign up for their newsletters to hear of their work. Through our faithful giving and prayers, they are blessed and can be a blessing to many.

Herzwerk – Vienna, Austria

FCGÖ Missionaries

AMPuls – Association for Development Cooperation and Social Services

Hope for the Future , Vienna, Austria

Al & Billie Nucciarone , Jerusalem, Israel

Andreas & Sabine Kallauch – KAVOD , Vienna, Austria

Miia & Lucas Da Silvia, Dublin, Irland

Miia: TWR Women of Hope;

Lucas: TWR (Europe) ;

Sam & Theresa Haiser – Vienna, Austria

Brian & Pearl Williams, Vienna, Austria

**International Baptist Church of Vienna

**International Chapel of Vienna

Brad & Nora Hayes – Outstretched Hands of Romania

Ray & Summer Schaser , Linz, Austria

Living Hope School in India – Will & Judy Leonard , India

Asia Center Foundation – ACF, Thailand