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CIG Corona safety rules from November 21st, 2021:

Dear CIG Family,

The current government 2G rule does not apply to church services in Austria. But in order to ensure safety, we will apply the following rules in our services starting 11/21/2021:

• PCR test within the last 72 hours, preferably within 48 hours (no mask required)

• Vaccinated or recovered, without PCR test (mask required)

• (Mask alone is not allowed) *

We think it makes sense for everyone to get tested regularly.
Mary and I get PCR tested three times a week. The test is free and very easy because you don’t have to sign up – you just go, a few swabs in your throat, and you’re all set. (Below are some testing stations in Vienna.)

Mary and I prefer the pharmacy test:
(This requires a one-time online registration.)

A free home test is available at any Billa or Bipa:

If you feel safer, wear a mask, but it is not required if you have been tested. Please note, however, a mask without a PCR test is not sufficient.

Much love to you all,
Pastor Rob & Mary

* Exhaustive version

The following options for church services:

• vaccinated + PCR test (no mask necessary)
• recovered + PCR test (no mask necessary)
• recovered + vaccinated +PCR test (no mask necessary)
• PCR test (no mask necessary)
• vaccinated, without test (mask necessary)
• recovered, without test (mask necessary)
• recovered + vaccinated, without test (mask necessary)

• mask alone is not possible

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